Employee Highlight: Shae Blevins and Olivia Newfarmer

August 18th, 2011 by

Dear Don Hattan Chevrolet,

August not only brings with it the heat of summer, but also the end of summer for many school-going children, teenagers and college students. I am one of the college students who will return to school on Monday, Aug. 22, at Wichita State University. (Go Shox!)

Because I must return to WSU for the Fall semester, I must also say “goodbye” to my many friends and colleagues at Don Hattan Chevrolet. Today is my last day.

The time I spent at Don Hattan provided me with valuable experiences and new skills and abilities. I appreciate all the learning and experience this position and the people here have given me. I also greatly appreciate the amazing work done on my car. Thank you, Craig!

I will miss my work and the people with whom I worked at Don Hattan, and I will seriously miss taking vehicle for test drives. Seriously… Best. Job. Ever. 🙂

I am sad to leave, but I am glad to welcome a new Digital Marketing Assistant, Olivia Newfarmer, to Don Hattan Chevrolet before I go.

Olivia will fill my shoes online (and upstairs in the back corner office), and I hope that she is able to enjoy all of the experiences – great and small – that I have enjoyed.

Goodbye Don Hattan Chevrolet! Don’t miss me too much; I’ll be back every three months or 3,000 miles to get my oil changed.


Shae Blevins

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