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Car Care Tips for all Kansas Weather

In Kansas we all know the weather can change seasons several times a month. But, there are some standard car maintenance items you should look at as the seasons, or months, change. Having some of these items looked over before we are in 100* weather or sub zero temperatures can, in the long run, save you time and money – plus the extra inconvenience of having to make an emergency stop at the service department.



Have your alignment checked. Winter months are not only hard on your vehicle, but they also cause pot holes throughout the city. Hitting one of those at 40 miles per hour can get your vehicle out of line – causing other issues down the road.

Replace your windshield wipers. We all know that spring means rain in Kansas! Ice is hard on the rubber blades. You don’t want to be in the middle of the storm with splotchy wipers.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure. The fluctuating temperatures can cause the air in your tires to expand and contract. Leaving you with too much or not enough air in your tires.

Spring cleaning anyone? Chances are good during winter you didn’t take as much time as you normally would to vacuum out your vehicle. Now is the perfect time, before the heat indexes get the best of us, to get your vehicle all spic-n-span.

Something that not many people think about is having their air filter and cabin air filter replaced. These filters directly affect the air you breathe while you’re in your vehicle.

See if you are due for an oil change and tire rotation. Most manufactures recommend having your oil changed every three to five months (depending on the number of miles you drive) and having your tires rotated every 7,500 miles.


Get a cooling system checkup and have your air conditioner looked over. Don’t wait until your in the middle of a road trip and start to have problems stay cool.

Have your tire pressure checked. It might sound pretty standard, but as we get into warmer months, the air in your tire will expand. You don’t want to have a blow out on the side of the road over something as simple as too much air in your tire.

Make sure your serpentine belt and other belts are looked over. Have you ever seen a dried-out rubber band? You don’t want a belt like that under your hood.

And as always, have your oil changed. Don’t let your vehicle get low on oil. It could end up costing you thousands.


Be one step ahead of winter and have your brakes and rotors checked. Chances are good, we’re going to have ice and likely snow come winter. Make sure you can stop before you need to.

Check your power steering system. Make sure there’s not only power steering fluid at an adequate level, but that the fluid quality is good.

Have your vehicle waxed. Wax can help protect your vehicle from ice and road salt.

See if you are due for an oil change and tire rotation. Most vehicles need their oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles or three to five months.


Make sure you have your emergency kit in your vehicle. AAA recommends having the following in your kit: jumper cables, small snow shovel, flashlight with extra batteries, snow brush and ice scraper to name a few. We also suggest having a blanket with your kit, just in case you end up stuck on the side of the road.

Have your battery checked. Cold weather is hard on batteries. Chances are, if your battery is going to die, it will happen over winter.

Make sure your tires have enough tread. We check this for you during each service visit, but if you’d like to check at home any easy way to see if you need to look into getting some new tires is by grabbing a penny. Place the penny in the tread of your tire and if you can see all of President Lincoln’s face, it’s likely time for new tires.

Have your oil changed.

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