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You’re at a comfortable job making a comfortable amount of money. But don’t be satisfied with “comfortable.” Our service technicians get better pay and better benefits in a better work environment. Face it, sometimes the grass is just greener. Watch the short video below to hear our technicians describe their experience with us.


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Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service begins with our unrivaled management team. Mike, Robert, Daryl, Charles, Matt, Todd, and Marshall are experts in their field and are dedicated to the employees and customers whom they serve. They each have a unique start to where they are today, be it a technician, detailer, or parts delivery driver. All of them have worked their way up the ranks, striving to challenge the status quo as they took the next step on their career path. They address the needs and concerns of customers and staff members while sticking to Don Hattan’s core values. They’re not all business though, and they strive to create a positive and fun shop environment. And they really love a good game of cornhole, too!

Fixed Operations Team, Mike Henderson, Robert Bailey, Daryl Futhey, Charles Kammiller, Matt Caton, Todd Truitt, Marshall Sumner, Don Hattan Chevrolet, Don Hattan Derby, Don Hattan Ford, Don Hattan West


(From  Left to Right)
Mike Henderson
Reconditioning Manager
Don Hattan Chevrolet
Robert Bailey
Parts Manager
Don Hattan Ford
Daryl Futhey
Service Manager
Don Hattan Ford
Charles Kammiller
Service Manager
Don Hattan Derby
Matt Caton
Director of Fixed Operations
Don Hattan Dealerships
Todd Truitt
Service Manager
Don Hattan Chevrolet
Marshall Sumner
Parts Manager
Don Hattan Chevrolet

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